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TRACKS ON REPEAT: “You Ain’t The Problem,” “Rolling,” “I’ve Been Dazed,” “Piano Joint (This Kind Of Love),” “Living In Denial,” “Hero,” “Hard To Say Goodbye,” “Final Days,” “Solid,” “Light”

IMO: Kiwanuka delves into his whole truth, expressing the need to be himself, despite whether or not the world accepts him for who he genuinely is. He naturally cultivates a memorable and pure energy by his wielding weighted words, loaded lyricism, and ignited instrumentals–ultimately channeling the rediscovery of his self-purpose and cultural meaning on the robustly immersing and sonically impeccable KIWANUKA. – JTS


About the Artist

Michael Samuel Kiwanuka (born May 3, 1987) is a British singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from London, England.

Kiwanuka released his first two debut EPs,  Tell Me A Tale, on April 24, 2011 and I'm Getting Ready on July 24, 2011. In 2011, Kiwanuka signed a deal with Polydor Records and released his debut studio album, Home Again, on March 12, 2012. In early 2014, Kiwanuka put out his You've Got Nothing to Lose EP, then on July 16, 2016, he released his follow-up album, Love & Hate. On November 1, 2019, Kiwanuka released his self-titled album, KIWANUKA.

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