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Timothy Lee McKenzie (born January 4, 1989), better known as Labrinth, is a British musician, singer, songwriter, rapper, and record producer from London, England.

Labrinth - Imagination & the Misfit Kid

TRACKS ON REPEAT: “Misbehaving” (The Misfit Version), “Miracle,” “Dotted line / Juju Man,” “All For Us,” “The Producer,” “Something’s Got To Give,” “Like A Movie,” “Sexy MF,” “Where The Wild Things,” “Mount Everest,” “Oblivion” (Feat. Sia)


Labrinth cracks the spine of his life’s wondrous storybook–mystifying the mercurial, yet otherworldly energy he has encountered–with the soulful opulence of his pleasant pipes. He sublimely sketches his fantastical moments, as well as the precarious ones that have colored his artistic tales, while pairing them perfectly with illustrious, carnival-tinged production and jubilant expressions of creative freedom on the soaring Imagination and the Misfit Kid. – JTS


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