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Dream Girl

TRACKS ON REPEAT: “Dream Girl,” “Leaning On Myself,” “Time To Get Over It,” “Lonely Life,” “Interlude,” “Thank Me Later,” “Used To Be,” “What We Do,” “Playing Games,” “When R U Coming Home,” “Reasons” (Feat. Charlie Skien), “If You Wanna”

IMO: Anna of the North returns to the Earth’s surface after a woozy, otherworldly love affair. She downplays her falling out with a former flame and instead, whimsically daydreams about what could have been–enchanting fantastical sounds with her angelic vocals, as she struggles to wake up from her mind’s own dreamlike daze and fully let go of her unrequited love on Dream Girl. – JTS


About the Artist

Anna Lotterud (born June 8, 1991), better known as Anna of the North, is an Oslo-based Norwegian singer and songwriter from Gjøvik, Norway.

On June 24, 2014, Anna Of The North released her debut single "Sway." Following, she put out "The Dreamer," "Baby," "Us," and "Oslo," before dropping her debut album, Lovers, on September 8, 2017. On October 25, 2019, she then debuted her sophomore album, Dream Girl.

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