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Gov. Name: Danielle Balbuena
Birthday: June 13, 1997
From: North Bergen, New Jersey, USA
Who: Singer, Rapper, Songwriter

Modus Vivendi

JUST THE SLAPS ALBUM BREAKDOWN TRACKS ON REPEAT: “Morrow,” “Rocketship,” “Divorce,” “The Pines,” “Guilty Conscience,” “Microdosing,” “Nice To Have,” “Under The Moon,” “Daydreamin,” “Terminal B,” “Flight319” SOUNDS LIKE: 070 Shake surges into the starry universe, setting herself ablaze while vocally torching her vulnerabilities–lyrically singeing her emotional wounds onto her skin like battle scars from an intergalactic lovers’ quarrel. She entertains sirenic blackholes, omnipresent comets, and foreign feelings of alienation urging for her to retreat back to Earth, as she continues skyrocketing into a charcoal abyss, past the achings of her inner romantic–discovering more from her venturing solitude into deep space on her cosmic debut, Modus Vivendi. – JTS

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